The Name Potatohead

POTATOHEAD design the name inspired by the famous toy Mr. POTATOHEAD. it’s very famous and most creative toy, when a child plays with all his different part and create a new toy every time. The child subconsciously learns and be creative while just simply playing with it. Just like that P.H.D Gives its client the best creative,functional,and most user friendly design solution to the client’s taste and satisfaction with their given budget. Also it’s without giving any stress or hassle to the client. P.H.D. can convert your empty space in to living habitat and re model your existing space in to next level of energized space.



P.H.D with experience of 5 years has given a great design solution to many known clients… We provide full interior design solution for any type of residence, comercial and furniture design projects. Starting from basic space planing to the successful execution of the project. From furniture design to graphics design…from plumbing ,colour ,carpentry services along with structure design ,scenography etc..


We provide all around solution for graphics of interiors. Also furniture design for projects like residential, office,restaurant , institution etc.


We provide full renovation /maintenance work for interior and civil projects for old/new RESIDENTIAL,COMMERCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL SITES.